Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I Love Winter !

Winter is my favourite season for photography. Snow and gloomy skies and bright blue skies and the magical Hoar Frost creates wonderful images. And the Snowy Owls. Last year I had a record sighting year of the Snowy's and kept a count. I had over 130 sightings. It was a good year for them here in Southern Alberta. So beautiful and graceful and silent in flight.

Davisburg Church and Cemetary, AB

I took these shots of the Davisburg Church last April. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

August 12.17

I went on a roadtrip on Saturday August 12. Here are a few photo's from the County of Newell. I planned to stay in Brooks and continue farther the next day but all the motels were booked for a Mid-evil Fair the town held that wknd. So I drove home and got home at 1 AM. I am not a fan of driving in the dark but in this case I had no choice !

Friday, August 11, 2017

It doesn't look the same now.

I am pretty thankful I got several shots of this abandoned general store back last Winter. I stopped by again this Spring and was surprised to see the focal point gone. That being is the old fuel pump. I posted a photo with the pump absent on a Abandoned group I belong to on Facebook as I was concerned it had been stolen. A family member of the owner commented and set everything at ease as she told me they had themselves removed it from the property BEFORE it was stolen! That was good news.  This gem is located in Vulcan County, AB.

The Sky is important

One of the bonuses about photographing abandoned buildings are clouds and the sky colour. It can create a captivating image. For me, storms clouds are my favourite of all. Unfortunately we haven't had much rain this summer and things are dangerously dry and we are in a Fire Ban in most of the southern area of the Province. Sunsets are also a plus along with a full moon off centered over a barn etc. This photo is likely an old schoolhouse or church from back in the day. Taken on a road trip this late Spring in the MD of Pincher Creek, AB.
This juvenile Great Horned Owl certainly has a name and it is a name well deserved. Its' name is Brat. I watched this young one as it sat in this same window with its' moma about a month ago and it was misbehaving badly as it kept pecking at its' mom while the moma was tolerant and patient with it. Here it is again. Taken on Tuesday evening.

Going back to January 2017, a nice abandoned home in the MD of Willow Creek, AB

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Log Homestead

A sweet find of an abandoned log home nestled in the Whalebacks.

First Post and Intro

Hi, I decided to start a blog. I think most of my friends on Facebook might be tired of seeing my photo's of my road adventures which include finding Abandoned places in Alberta or where ever I might be roaming. I have a handful of friends who share this passion. I also am an avid Birder and wildlife photographer.
  Photography has captured my interest for many years and since I got my first digital camera back in 2006, there has been no turning back. I currently shoot with a Nikon Coolpix P900 model and I really like this model. Waiting on Nikon to release their newest camera in the P series and crossing my fingers they will be adding RAW file format to this one, which has been the only drawback with my camera now.
  I get out and about as much as I can inbetween home life and work which I have my own business that does keep me busy. My camera is always with me wherever I go, just in case! I love exploring Alberta and I am drawn more to the east than to the west in our province. I do love the mountains but the Provincial and National Parks are always so packed in the warmer months and I am more of a quiet person and would rather be alone in nature and sometimes with a few close photographer friends who share my subject interests.
  I love Owls and when it comes to Owls, my specialty is Owls in abandoned building windows. I have been blessed to see so many and including the endangered Burrowing Owls this summer. I respect the birds and wildlife I see and I do not disclose locations so these birds are protected from photographer mobs that will harass these birds from dawn till dusk daily. I do not agree with this and I feel the birds are entitled to live their life without being stressed. Also not disclosing locations protects the birds ( mainly Owls ) from Baiter photographers who practice this procedure so they get the perfect shot of the owl flying towards them, but there are many negative factors attached to this practice and I am proud to say I have never baited nor will I ever.
  I have been lucky to be granted permission at many farmsteads by the landowners, and I believe in showing respect on the properties and leaving everything as it is. I am also hesitant to reveal farmstead locations publicly as there has been many thefts at these remote properties and vandalism.
Not everyone respects these places and goes to just take photo's and explore. Some are up to no good at all and that is a shame.
  I reside in Southern Alberta south of Calgary and am originally from southern Ontario not far from the famous Niagara Falls. I have resided in Alberta for almost 19 years and it has won my heart. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
  I hope to keep this blog updated at least weekly. Hope to meet some new friends here that share my same passion. Cheers !                                                   ~easterngirl~


Tucked away old farmstead

Had full permission to explore this farmstead by the landowner.  I really love the barn. In the Alberta Foothills.